Accessing undergraduate courses in universities worldwide was never easier

About Us:

UniFind is a globally available website providing an easier access to universities in countries across the globe. Our main goal is to enable students of various educational backgrounds to easily browse through the basic information when deciding to choose a university: Length of a course, its entry requirements, and tuition fees. We aim to collect english taught undergraduate courses in numerous subject areas in order to meet the needs of all future university students and make the transition from high school manageable.

How Does UniFind Work?

  1. Purchase a 60-day access to universities in a specific continent by going to Shop.
  2. Choose a city and a subject area that interests you
  3. Browse through universities and all of their english speaking courses in your desirable area 
  4. By clicking on ‘Learn More’ in individual courses, you will be forwarded to an official university website with further course info.

We recommend you to watch a Preview video on our main page in order to fully get acquainted with all of the features that are available